NHS England claim to be consulting on the future of Glenfield ❤ Unit. So why do they keep excluding the public?

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NHS England’s consultation on the future of Glenfield Children’s Heart Centre has been a sham, from beginning to end.

Many of us will remember their farcical “public” meeting held on 9 March, where a room with a capacity of 120 was booked for the whole of Leicester. This was just weeks after more than 2,000 people attended a protest to Save Glenfield in Leicester City centre.

Many were also excluded from the meeting because it was held midweek.

But despite coming under sustained criticism for the way in which they organised this and other meetings, NHS England continue to do the same.

In Sleaford, Lincolnshire, a public meeting was held yesterday (22nd) in the middle of a working day – at 1pm! The public was given just nine days notice for this meeting.

NHS England have also organised a Nottingham-based meeting planned for Thursday 30 June. Again the time of the meeting is 1.30pm – hardly useful for in-work parents. This time the public was given a more generous, but still insufficient, 17 days notice.

And today, it was revealed that NHS England have organised a Leicester Patient and Family event on 1 July. The meeting is on a Saturday, so will certainly be more accessible to the public. But the notice given to the public to come to this is just eight days!

All of this is unacceptable and raises questions as to whether NHS England is interested in carrying out a truly “public” consultation.

If you would like to complain to NHS England about these issues, please contact: england.congenitalheart@nhs.net.


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