“If it ain’t broke, then why fix it?” – Report on Saturday’s Save Glenfield public meeting



“If it ain’t broke, then why fix it?” This succinct but penetrating question, posed at last weekend’s Save Glenfield public meeting, summed up the mood of the day.

The meeting, called by the Save Glenfield Campaign, was devoted to helping people understand NHS England’s long and complex consultation documents, which the public have been asked to fill out.

Unfortunately, the planned speaker from the local NHS Trust had to pull out at the last moment because of conflict of interest relating to the surprise snap general election. But Shirley Barnes stood in at short notice, and did an excellent job in explaining to the audience how to complete the consultation (drawing upon guidance sheets already provided by the campaign here: https://saveglenfieldheartcentre.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/a-short-guide-on-how-to-answer-the-online-consultation-on-the-future-of-glenfield-heart-unit/ ).

Steve Score, who chaired the event, summed up afternoon’s proceedings (see video below), noting that completing the paperwork for the consultation process was just one part of a campaign. Building upon the successful protests in Leicester, as well as last month’s massive It’s Our NHS demonstration in London, there will be many future events to build for both in Leicester and elsewhere.

The audience and the speakers were united in their condemnation of NHS England. Hardly surprising given how high the stakes are the stakes are.

As one member of the audience put it, the closure of Glenfield Heart Unit would have wide-reaching consequences: “closing Glenfield Heart Unit would completely destabilize all heart unit provision,” wherever you live in Britain. Closing Glenfield “throws it all up into the air and spoils it all.”

Certainly, the meeting helped to strengthen the resolve of all those in attendance. We are determined that NHS England will not be allowed to close Glenfield Heart Unit.


The public meeting to discuss the consultation document is part of a series organised by the Save Glenfield campaign. The next one will be held at 2pm on Saturday May 6 in Loughborough (Rosebery St. Peters Community Centre, Storer Road, LE11 5EQ). FB event page for this meeting can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/132713043936084/

The details for other upcoming meetings are listed below:

20 May – Mansfield Library, NG18 1NH

20 May – Lincoln (Location TBC)

27 May – Nottingham (Location TBC)

Derby – TBA


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